Back From Competition

The UBC Supermileage Team returned from the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas this week with some impressive results. We achieved 5th place out of about 60 in our first year back in the gasoline prototype division with the 1383 mpg Mark VIII! The Odysseus doubled last year’s mileage and took 2nd with 577 mpg, putting us back on the podium for the first time since 2006! Great work team and thank you sponsors!

The Supermileage Learning Event

It’s finally here! As part of the Shell Mini-challenges we are hosting a Learning Event on the last day of the month. Come out and learn about the Eco-marathon, meet the team, and learn some of the science behind Supermileage!

When: February 28, 2013 (Thursday)

Where: Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, just across from the Ike cafe

The event consists of 5 booths:

  1. Supermileage Intro/sign in – if we can gather the most signatures of all the Canadian Supermileage Teams we win!
  2. Shell Eco-Marathon information – What exactly is the Ec0-Marathon?
  3. Fuel Science – how engines work, and how we get the energy contained in gasoline
  4. Aerodynamics – the reasons behind our Aero shell designs
  5. Techniques for being more energy efficient in your own life – We’re all about efficiency and you could be too!

The winners of this event gets the cost of shipping their vehicle down to Houston paid for by Shell. Usually a large chunk of our budget has to be put towards shipping, so winning this challenge is a huge boon for the team. We look forward to seeing you at the Learning Centre next Thursday!

Shell Eco-marathon Mini Challenges

As part of the run up to the Eco-marathon, this year Shell is holding Mini Shell Eco-marathon Challenges. There are some excellent prizes to be won, including a send-off meal for the entire team and the cost of shipping our competition vehicle down to Houston covered. We’re looking to win some challenges, and you can help!

We’re entering two Mini Challenges:

1. Social media promotion contest

This challenge takes place over several social media sites, but we’re focusing on Facebook. The goal is to get the most ‘Likes’ on a team page out of all the Canadian Supermileage Teams; currently our Like count stands at 144. Help us win the event by visiting our Facebook page and giving it a Like!

2. Shell Eco-marathon Learning Event

This challenge sees the UBC Supermileage Team hosting an event to engage the community and raise awareness of Supermileage, what we do, and what the Eco-marathon is all about. We win the challenge by hosting the largest number of people, so come on out and show your support! The time and a place of our event have yet to be decided, but details will be posted to the website and Facebook page when available.

With your support we can show that the best Canadian Supermileage Team comes from right here at UBC!